Krav Maga

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “Contact Combat”) is a form of self-defence based on a person’s natural reactions to stressful situations and violent attack. Due to its effectiveness, Krav Maga has been chosen as the method of hand to hand combat and self-defence training by military and police forces in countries such as the United States, Poland, Norway, Switzerland and Israel – where Krav Maga originated as the unarmed combat system of the Israeli Defence Force.

Unlike traditional martial arts and competitive fighting skills, Krav Maga has been proven in modern street and war-based confrontations. It is constantly updated and refined to ensure every Krav Maga technique is devastatingly effective and highly efficient when dealing with real world, life-threatening situations.

Active Krav Maga is part of Krav Maga Global – the only organisation that constantly updates and refines the Krav Maga curriculum based on the real world experiences of military and law enforcement personnel who face life threatening situations on a regular basis.

This means you get the best techniques, proven to work in the real world, not just the dojo or squared circle.

The Active Krav Maga curriculum provides students with skills that from the first lesson can provide greater confidence and awareness should a potentially violent confrontation occur.


  • Defending armed attacks and threats from knives, bats, sticks, bottles, metal bars and firearms.
  • Prevention, avoidance, de-escalation and evasion tactics to escape problems before they occur.
  • Methods to escape potentially life threatening grabs and holds, helping your turn the tables on your assailant.
  • Methods to deal with multiple attackers regardless of your size or situation.
  • Solutions to physical confrontations that keep you on the right side of the law.
  • Stress drills and physical challenges that let you master your fears, while in a safe environment.
  • An arsenal of attacks and counter attacks to make you a formidable opponent, not a victim.
  • Soft techniques to solve physical problems without the need for increased violence.
  • Protecting others through 3rd party and VIP protection drills.

Krav Maga is so simple it takes only hours to learn effective skills that could one day save your life.