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Gloucestershire’s largest Krav Maga School; Active Krav Maga provides Krav Maga classes in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Classes are open to anyone looking to learn the most effective, realistic self-defence system in the world. Active Krav Maga is a complete solution to becoming fitter, stronger and more confident, in a safe, social and motivating environment. Learn More

Why Active Krav Maga?

  • Learn the most proven self-defence system used by police and military special-forces around the world.
  • Improve your fitness, strength, endurance and confidence in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Master techniques based on natural instinct that anyone can learn.
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Get fighting fit with Krav Maga
Jessica Alba joins a long list of celebrities who are turning to Krav Maga for its fitness and self-defence benefits. Jessica Alba started Krav Maga for her upcoming film Mechanic: Resurrection and has been training the self-defence and combat system…Read More
New Year Resolution
A new year’s resolution worth keeping!
“After only 3 months, the health and fitness benefits are massively apparent. Thank you! Mark Kick start your Krav Maga training with the Active Krav Maga starter pack which contains everything you need:…Read More
M-power hits the local news
Active Krav Maga’s M-power self-defence workshop for women only, has been featured in the Weekly Cheltenham Standard.…Read More
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