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Gloucestershire’s largest Krav Maga School; Active Krav Maga provides tuition in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Classes are open to anyone looking to learn the most effective, realistic self-defence system in the world. Active Krav Maga is a complete solution to becoming fitter, stronger and more confident, in a safe, social and motivating environment. Learn More

Why Active Krav Maga?

  • Learn the most proven self-defence system used by police and military special-forces around the world.
  • Improve your fitness, strength, endurance and confidence in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Master techniques based on natural instinct that anyone can learn.
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AKM Trains with Eyal Yanilov
Active Krav Maga joined hundreds of other Krav Maga practitioners in Bristol to train with KMG Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov. One of the highest ranked instructors in the world, Eyal Yanilov began training Krav Maga in 1974 under founder Imi…Read More
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Purchase AKM training gear online
Official Active Krav Maga training shirt, trousers and groin protection can be purchased online here.…Read More
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New Brockworth Class Launched
Last night marked the successful launch of the new Brockworth class in Gloucester. Instructor Scott Deane led the class which had a great turnout and judging by the sweat and smiles a good time was had by all! For more…Read More
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
The new video is on-line and receiving a lot of attention from around the world! Train hard, you never know when that extra effort could make all the difference. “The Pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow”…Read More
Krav Maga Training Gear
Always wear protection
A guide to Krav Maga training equipment. Krav Maga is known for its realistic training techniques and so wearing the right protective gear is essential to gaining the most out of each session. Below is a guide to help you…Read More
A preview of the new TShirts, Last chance to order!
This is your last chance to order one of the first batch of new club t-shirts! The new t-shirts, featuring our newly redesigned logo are made from Neoteric fabric, and for a limited time will cost only £15 each (inclusive…Read More
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